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Whether you need an X-ray, ultrasound, BMD, Mammogram or Nuclear Medicine study, Belle River Imaging Services is here to provide all your diagnostic medical imaging needs.


Our professional team of Registered Medical Radiation Technologists, Administrative Assistant, and Management is committed to provide hospital quality service in a clinic setting. We will do what we can to ensure your visit with our clinic is a great one. That is our commitment to you.


X ray images are produced by passing beams of electromagnetic radiation through the body. The images are created digitally, looking at the structure of the body part of interest. 

X rays are performed by Radiological Technologists, also known as Medical Radiation Technologists (R).


Ultrasound, also known as diagnostic sonography, uses high frequency sound waves to produce images from within the body. It is able to take live images of movement such as blood flow, heart pumping or a fetus moving.

Ultrasound tests are performed by Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, DMS.


Mammography is the use of x rays to take specific images of the breast tissue. It is designed to screen for and diagnose breast cancer. It is one of the primary tools in early breast cancer detection.

Mammograms are performed by specially trained Radiological Technologists.

Doctor with Mammography

Nuclear Medicine scans are performed by injecting, inhaling or ingesting radiopharmaceuticals to take images of the functions of structures inside the body. The radiopharmaceutical emits gamma radiation, which is picked up the imaging camera to produce a picture.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists or Medical Radiation Technologist (N) are trained to perform these diagnostic studies.

CT Scan Machine
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  • EKG

  • Holter Monitor

  • ABP (Ambulatory Blood Pressure) - Non OHIP funded

  • Echocardiogram

  • Exercise Stress Test

Visit Novamed Diagnostics  for more information.


BMD is also known as a Bone Mineral Density scan, or Bone Density. The scan is designed to look at how strong the bones are, and the images are created using a low dose x ray.

The 2  load bearing areas of the body are the lower back and the hips.  Those are the areas the technologist will take images of.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists or Medical Radiation Technologist (N) are trained to perform these diagnostic studies.

Pelvic X-Ray
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